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The last time you visited a new salon.

Where your expectations merely met or exceeded?

A visit to salon 108. A Bexleyheath hair salon obsessed with detail.

Polls on my Instagram account, asking if guests get anxious, when they visit a new salon or if they worry about having a new style. Well, the results did surprise me, 75% of you get anxious when visiting a new salon and 78% worry about a new style.

This got us thinking about how I can make this a more comfortable experience for you. So I’m going to talk you through a session in salon 108, and give you an idea of the experience before you visit us.

Booking an appointment

On booking your hair appointment you will be asked a few questions, things like, tell me about your hair? Have you been recommended to any stylist in particular? Or when were you looking to book in? This is ensuring we get you booked in with the most suitable stylist, for you and your hair needs.

Matching you with the right stylist is our main priority as different stylists excel in different areas and we want to get this right for you.

Once we have these key pieces of information and we have you paired with the right stylist we can book you in at a time that suits you best.

Appointment time

On arrival, you will be greeted by our reservationist who will take your coat, get you seated and offer you a drink.

Don’t worry you won’t be there long. Your stylist will greet you and take you over to their station, to discuss all your hair wants, needs and dreams.

An appointment with me.

We will get to know each other at your consultation and we will ask you some questions. These will include lifestyle questions, how much time you have to spend on your hair at home, styles you may like, but also dislike, when you last loved your hair, and even when you have hated your hair.

Then it’s off to our luxury backwash area. This is where you get to truly relax in one of our reclining chairs, taking in the salon experience.

82% of guests would not return to a salon if their hair wash was poor even if the haircut was GREAT. At salon 108 we will take our time to assess your hair and its need’s and give you a slow, relaxing head massage 

A learning experience

You will get to learn all about what shampoos, conditioner or treatments I am using and why, but for the most part I will remain quiet so you can unwind.

Now on to my station, this is where all the magic happens. At this point, I like to go over what we agreed, during the consultation. This gives you a chance to think about everything we have discussed and whether you still love the idea or not. It also allows you to relax knowing you’re in safe hands. Throughout the cutting process, I will confirm everything I’m doing and why it’s important to your hair, so that whilst I’m cutting, you know exactly what I’m doing.

I’ll just share with you something I do to ensure I fully understand my guest’s journey.


Okay, now I’ve finished designing your haircut I will clean around the area to remove any hair and re-confirm how you would like to have your hair styled.

It’s important to tell you all about what products I have selected to use on you, I will bring these products over and place them in front of you, please feel free to pick them up and have a look, Smell them feel them I will explain what I am using, where I am applying them, and why to give you all the tools to be able to recreate this blow-dry yourself at home.

As I always say the right product and the right amount in the right place are so important.

Once blow-drying I will talk you through how and what I am doing, in order to create the end result you have asked for. This way you know exactly what you need to do at home. Why have a beautiful designer haircut when you can’t maintain or recreate this at home yourself. Now if you feel confident or comfortable enough too, I will even let you have a go, we call this part hands-on hairdressing, but don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable just be sure it’s something you can do, or try in the future with us.

The last important part of the service is to teach you some tips and tricks or even just go over any part that you are struggling with.

Talk to your stylist about these and find out more. If you’re struggling with your hair because your hair is changing for whatever reason, you can come in and have a hands-on session with your stylist. We are not just a Bexleyheath hair salon we are obsessed with hair and getting it right.

Well I hope this helps, I hope you feel more confident coming in to see us, we are here to help you and we love it.

Until next time.

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